Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This is why...

I generally prefer to live in my computer.

'Cause the people that I've met online have been the most giving, most understanding, most earnest, and most bend-over-backwards-to-help-a-sistah-out human beings that I've ever known.

Overnight, y'all have helped us raise over $500. Can't get it all out of PayPal until PayPal does the verification thing with the bank, but a huge chunk of it is on its way to the Bank of St. Francisville as I speak.

We are going to make this thing work. Y'all are going to keep this amazing woman on the planet. I just fucking KNOW IT.

When I started this thing, I said, "even if we only raise a little bit, I at least want her to have whatever in the hell that she needs/wants, while we're waiting on Earl K. Long or whatever, I don't care if she blows it on tequila and titty bars (well, MALE strippers, Lee wants that part made very clear), I want her to have whatever it is that she needs, whether it's new drawers or medication or whatever we can afford."

And y'all, y'all have opened this thing up to where we really might be able to swing a real hospital to take care of this girl. We really might be able to get SOMETHING done, even on the parts that they tell Susan are "inoperable."

And that just knocks me flat on my ass. It never fails to amaze me, when the rest of the world (aka CheneyBushCo.) is trying to fuck it up for EVERYBODY with their little oil greed/ethnic-cleansing operations, that there are still people out there who still have the spine, the gumption, and the wherewithal to reach out to a woman they've never even MET, and give everything that they can to help keep her alive.

Blows my mind. (I know, I know, if the weather's right, all that that takes is a stiff wind, ha ha ha) But we're only partly the way there. We gotta keep going. So please, pass the word.

Even if y'all are as broke as Lee & I are, you can pass a good word, remind people, nag like yentas, keep pushing this thing as far as we can.

We've already gotten amazing support from my immediate blog family and from people I never even MET before --- par example:

Blackdog found me this one waaaayyyy before I dragged-ass outta bed today ---

Steven at Booman: "Please Help Lee Kinchen"
(The Booman Community has just bowled me the hell over with their IMMEDIATE responses, and I hadn't even ever been there before, which is probably working to Lee's favor...)

Then came the kinfolk:

Brutha From Anotha Mutha Scott at World O'Crap: "Maybe A Slightly Better Way To Celebrate The Season"
(I swear, one of these days, I'm going to figure out how to plagerize that boy, 'cause he makes me look/feel like the rank amateur that I am. And DO NOT forget The Goddess Who Makes St. Francis Of Assisi look like a flat-out JOKER, S.Z., Patron Saint of Emotionally-Challenged Critters)

Jesus' General: "Our Leader's Health Care Plan"
(The first blog where I ever felt "at home," was at Jesus' General. It was a more-testosterone-y place then than it is now, but they still welcomed me to their uber-patriotic bosoms like we were long-lost non-Deliverance-type kinfolk. The Big Man hisself, Jesus' General, has been an unwavering source of instruction, support, and inimitable kindness as long as I have been lucky enough to call him my friend.)

And my Fairy Blogmother Liz, she of the golden locks, the sexy voice, and the snarktastic blues career, is going to let me throw something up at my old stomping grounds of Blondesense. Soon as I can git to the drugstore for my own issues and go fling catshit, I ought to have something up over there. Never forget the people who've stuck by you through innumberable fuckups, impossible-to-predict catastrophes, and flat-out gubmintal genocide.

If anyone else has plugged/supported this blogathon project, and I haven't found y'all yet or am a complete fucktard for missing your kindnesses, please do alert me as soon as possible, because I want to keep the karmic wheel spinning as fast as we can get that mutha to go, and don't want to forget to thank ANYBODY. (No, nobody in my entire extended family has ever been in the Junior League or any type of Garden Club, but somehow, that thank-you-note obsession gene got skewered into my DNA at a relatively early age, and I ain't apologizin' for it.)

So, to try and staunch the flow of weepy-eyed gratitude, I'm going to shut up now and try and get some more work done on this thing. More news as it happens. And somebody get me George Clooney's home phone number. Yes, for Lee's sake. Mostly.

And yes, I will be printing-out all the references and suggestions that y'all have sent regarding physicians/hospitals/medical trials/etc., and giving Susan that handbook tomorrow. Susan never fails to amaze me, either. Works about 70 hours a week, is remodeling her house to give Lee the first "her own room" that she's ever had, and puts up with me. AFTER she already whupped cancer's ass her OWN self.

I'm sure that this spate of illnesses has nothing to do with us all living for far too long right here on the fountainhead of Cancer Alley, no suh... but it's some of the toughest bitches in the world down here, and we GET SHIT DONE.
Thank y'all again. --- A.S.C.


At 7:16 PM, Blogger andrew said...

I put up a post at my place for Lee. With luck, every single one of my readers will kick in $5.00, raising another... ummm... $25 or so.

At 8:56 PM, Blogger misty said...

I've put out the call to my liberal WW friends, and I will put another post on my blog (which doesn't get even HALF the readers WoC does, but still...). Every little bit helps, I figure.

Keeping Lee in my heart, my thoughts and my prayers...

~misty(aka maryc)

At 4:53 PM, Blogger Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

Mary, darlin', you are a wonder.

And Andrew, stop acting like the Woody Allen of Texas... bwuaahaaahaaaahahahhahaaaa!!!!!!


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