Thursday, November 30, 2006

Blog angels

Well, I'm outta the tri-color cartridge, so no fliers tomorrow, but my Fairy Blogmother and Le Petite Fromage have come through, as always, and have ordered the cartridges that will keep the fliers rolling out and all over the greater Baton Rouge area, as soon as FedEx can get 'em here.

We have gotten responses from Tulane Medical Center Neurosurgery Dept./Neurofibromatosis Clinic, and have heard about wonderful hospitals in Shreveport and Mississippi that may be able to do the whole schmear pro-bono, as well as the gubmint trials that a wonderful P.R. woman at the University Of Alabama at Birmingham has been so glorious in providing us with information about, if that's not dangling a participle.

We've got people volunteering advice & expertise on how to get Lee's benefits back, as soon as we can make sure to keep her alive. The help is rolling in, along with the donations, from all over the country, from hundreds of amazing and generous human beings.

I cannot tell y'all how bowled-over I've been by the response, and Lee is really getting with the program now, 'cause Susan's been able to explain to her that we're doing what needs doing to KEEP HER ON THE PLANET. That's the priority here, and if things keep going the way that they've been going thus far, we just may pull it off.

So all that I can ask from y'all is that y'all please, PLEASE keep passing the good word --- y'all have given from the bottom of your hearts and the bottom of your pocketbooks, so we need to recruit even more people to the Army Of Lee. Git the word out there, folks!

Y'all have the e-mail addresses to reach me, so if you want the PDF of the original flier, and you'd like to change-up the copy to fit your area and throw some fliers around your neighborhood, just holler at me, and I'll be more than happy to oblige. I don't have full-on Adobe, so I haven't been able to get a PDF of the outside-of-St.Francisville fliers yet, but I can send you the wording on the ones that I've made for mail-outs & faxes, and y'all who have Adobe can do it up and hit the road with 'em!

OH!!! I almost forgot!!! FRED'S SUPER DISCOUNT STORE, the Tennessee-based company that employs Lee & Susan, has gotten into the act, and we've got our first corporate sponsor! Susan's also been talking to an exec at Entergy (the big power company around here) and I've been working on the DEMCO Foundation (my electric company/co-operative), so we may have a couple more corporate sponsors soon!

Cross yer fingers, cross yer toes, cross yer legs, whatever --- just keep on passin' the good word for us, and thank y'all all again and again for your generosity, your willingness to bust yer asses to help us, and your undying support.



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