Friday, November 24, 2006

Still need help...

Obviously, we won't know definitely which way Lee is going for treatment and how many hundreds of thousands of dollars it's going to cost until after she sees this specialist on the 5th.


What Annti Needs NOW:

1. A very gifted grant writer to hit-up several large corporations right here in our area (well, their oft-polluting PLANTS & MILLS are, anyway) ---AND ANY AND ALL OTHER CORPORATE MEGOLITHS ANYWHERE ELSEand YESTERDAY.

2. A new all-caps button.

3. Somebody to sit here and clean about 7,000 e-mails that I need to save off of my hard drive.

4. That shiatsu chair at Sharper Image. WITH the ottoman. NO Longer Need shiatsu chair, thanks to a very dear, very generous longstanding e-friend, who sent me that HOmedics chair-pad shiatsu thingy today, on HIS birthday. Talk about knocked onto your ass with astonishment and gratitude and surprise... Why can't the whole fucking world be more like him? Oh, right. 'Cause then we wouldn't have the whole fucking world fucked-up by SELFISH BRAIN-FART REPUBLICUNTS, and we wouldn't have to do FUND-RAISERS to try & keep the good people on this planet.

So--- anybody want to hit-up the cube-farm corporations where y'all work for a few checks? 'Cause we are over $3,000, but we need BIG money, like Powerball money, if we can't get Lee more than the surgeons on pro-bono.

Come out of yer triptophane comas and git to work, bright and early, y'hear? 'Cause if it hadn't been for y'all, all of you silent lurkers and voiciferous helpers out in the internet-tubes world, none of this shit would have ever have happened AT ALL.


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