Wednesday, November 22, 2006

To be thankful for what has been given...

...or to crank-up ye olde woodchipper on "thanksgiving" (Celebrating Genocide With Ego & Gluttony Day) and get rid of the second-biggest problem in Lee's life...

...decisions, decisions...

See, before Lee found Fred's and Susan, and before Susan became her "adoptive" mother, there was this white-trash whore whom we shall refer to henceforth as the WHORE TICK. Bloodsucking thieving piece of shit who calls herself Lee's "gawdmutha".

After Lee's "family" of origin deserted her, this WHORE TICK "took her in" --- and took and took and took. Every SSI/SSDI check, every month's food stamps, probably even exploited/defrauded Medicare & Medicaid, too. And the WHORE TICK, who hasn't held a job for longer than a year in her life, is now running the Dollar General Store in Jackson, LA, and undoubtedly driving it into the fucking ground.

Anyway, when Lee realized that she'd never have ANYTHING for HERSELF, let alone any of the benefits that she DESERVED, she decided to get out and WORK, despite the neurofibromatosis and ensuing disabilities, like losing her sight more rapidly every day. The girl was being robbed-blind and made to sleep on the floor like a fucking DOG, and she was GRATEFUL to have THAT. And still consideres the WHORE TICK to be her "gawdmutha."

So, when the Social Security Administration found out that Lee was working "too much," she lost all benefits, all medical care & medicine, and could no longer hand her checks over to the thieving WHORE TICK who was living the high life off of LEE's income. And THAT is when the WHORE TICK put Lee out on the fucking street.

So, Susan took Lee in, adopted her, gave her a home and a family and a stable life and a secure future, and bent over backwards to take care of her, Helen (Asst. Mgr. @ Fred's) gave her the first bed that she'd ever had of her own, and until this brain tumor bloomed like a weed, Lee was pretty much set. She loved her job, loved her family at Fred's and at Susan's, and was happy.

But the TICK WHORE still never gave up her presumed "ownership" of Lee. Like she'd bought her on the slave stocks, I shit you not. Even as Lee wore her own clothes OUT, down to the last thread, that fucking skank-ass diseased cunt-slime anal cyst of a BITCH-DOG still called her, still demanded money from her, FROM THE CHECK THAT LEE WORKED HER SKINNY LITTLE ASS OFF FOR --- when Lee got her latest paycheck, knowing that she had a secure home, people who loved her, and never HAD to give that WHORE TICK a fucking THING, didn't owe her a FUCKING THING --- she went to the grocery store, cashed her check, and the WHORE TICK SPENT THE ENTIRE CHECK ON GROCERIES FOR HER FAT-ASSED WHITE-TRASH SELF. Filled up her trunk with the money that LEE had EARNED.

Before Susan even knew about it, that WHORE TICK was out of the parish, just as fat and happy as any thieving piece of lowlife SHIT would be, after conning a veritable INNOCENT out of her last fucking dime.

There isn't a jury on the planet that would convict me.

And if I could heft her useless jailbird low-rent hooker ass into the woodchipper, I'd be doing it right now. All I'd need is a 50-lb bag of quicklime and some rosebushes.

So if anybody should hold me up anytime soon, y'all know who did it.

Susan & I set up the healthcare fund for Lee up PURPOSEFULLY so that neither I, nor Lee, nor ANYBODY BUT SUSAN could take a single PENNY out of what y'all have so gloriously and generously and lovingly contributed. 'Cause bless Lee's heart, she still sees the WHORE TICK as her "benefactor," her "gawdmutha," the first person who was "nice" to her when her birth "family" cast her out for being too inconvenient. Lee's like that. She has a hard time seeing the bad in anybody. How anybody can have survived the hell that Lee's been through and still be so innocent, I have no fucking idea.

I use this story as an example of what we really SHOULD be thankful for, and what I hope that Lee will someday understand --- that there are people in this world who really DO love her, who really DO want the best for her (including her own LIFE, for example), and who don't expect a single fucking thing FROM HER. She doesn't know how that works, apparently.

When Lee got wind of what I've been doing online, and then today, which I spent going from one end of the parish to the other, putting out fliers with the bank donation information on them, she was EMBARRASSED. Pissed-off at me for making her what she considers to be "an object of pity," like she's a "beggar," like she doesn't DESERVE to have people help her. Apparently, she's been abused (emotionally, physically and financially) for so fucking long, that to her mind, total strangers reaching out to help her, to show her REAL love, REAL concern, REAL caring --- is a "bad" thing.
And she hardly talks to me anymore, and I miss her like all hell. Hopefully, once we find the right program and the way to get her the treatment that she needs and deserves, maybe then she'll understand why this is happening. Why all of these total strangers want so badly for her to live. Why I have "embarrassed" her by trying so damned hard to keep her on this planet.

Instinctively, I want to keep reaching out to her, to keep pressing the point until she'll talk to me, but I know that it won't work. I have to let her have her space and her time to heal and her time to understand what's going on. I don't know how much of this anger towards me is because of how she's been abused all of her life, and how much of it is from the brain tumor. It's so fucking frustrating, because I'm clueless as to how to deal with it. All I can do is try to take my cues from her, I guess. I just hope that, sooner or later, she really will accept that I'm not doing this to take anything from her, or to hurt or embarrass her or to have anything bad happen to her... I just wish that she would talk to me, so that I could know what she's really feeling.

And now that the word of the fundraiser gotten over to the next parish, the WHORE TICK is calling Lee on a daily basis, DEMANDING "her CUT" of the proceeds. Guilt-tripping and berating that child to waste the money that's supposed to SAVE HER LIFE on a fucking PIECE OF SHIT LOWLIFE LOWER-THAN-A-WORM'S-HEMMORHOID SLIME-TRAIL COCKSUCKING CUNT-WART WHORE TICK. That's why we set the bank account up so that Susan could protect Lee from that WHORE TICK. That's why I can't be robbed of any of y'all's money, because I have absolutely no access to that money, even if the TICK WHORE is of the mistaken impression that I DO, and that she can tell Lee that I'm STEALING THE MONEY FROM HER (Lee).

The whole fucking thing is breaking my heart.

The fates always want to take the few people in this world who have ever really accepted me. They've already taken the very few people in my actual family who really loved me, except for Oldest Niece, and I worry that the curse will get HER one day, too.

I guess all that I can really say anymore is to keep trying, y'all --- please keep passing the good word, and know that we are protecting Lee from all parasitic pieces of shit, and that after the appointment with the specialist on December 5th, we'll have a much sharper idea of what to do next.

Thank you all. I am so grateful to have met and loved so many wonderful people online, and to now meet so many more caring and generous and open-hearted people --- if it weren't for y'all, I'd have lost all hope by now.

Peace and love and relaxation upon you all.



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