Sunday, December 03, 2006


Friday, Susan was called-away from work because her long-time boyfriend (and the guy who appointed Lee an "honorary Puerto Rican") lost his mother when they removed her from life support. I don't know when Susan will return to work, but I do hope that she'll still get to make the trip with Lee to Shreveport on Tuesday to see the specialist who will pretty much map out our plans from here on out. Since Lee's become part of Susan's family, I'm sure that she'll be as involved/upset by this sadness & loss as Susan and her son and Susan's boyfriend. All my best wishes are with them, and hopefully I'll be able to get in touch with Susan tomorrow. With four grand in the bank, we can at least get a foot in the door, and I'm going to pick up the proceeds from the collection jars here in town, so they'll definitely have the gas money to get there.

On a personal front, my son went missing today. Well, my four-legged, very furry son, Boy. I don't want to hog up Lee's blog about my Boy, but I've posted about it at Mark Of The Beast, my home blog.

More updates as they happen.


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